Tailored Policies for Every Flight

The Air Canada Cancellation Policy can be different depending on the type of fare and the reason for canceling. Cancellations are difficult and can result in a significant fine. Sometimes, you may not be able to get a refund for your ticket. This will be the saddest part. 

There are many reasons why flights might be canceled. If you have a genuine reason, Air Canada will give you a full refund. Air Canada only provides full refunds for cancellations in limited circumstances. Tickets that are eligible for a refund will not be charged a fine, but other tickets will be charged a fine based on the fare type. Each type has its own dedicated policy. To find out the cancellation policy for your Air Canada ticket, please read the detailed guidelines mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Rules for Air Canada Cancellation Policy

  • Tickets defined as Basic Economy, Standard, and Flex are all non-refundable. If you cancel the flight, it won’t matter because the money won’t be refunded. You also have the choice to book another flight using travel credit. However, a Basic ticket cannot be rebooked. 
  • Tickets in the Comfort, Latitude, Premium Economy flexible, and Business class categories are eligible for refunds. Air Canada subtracts the fine from the original cost and gives back the final refundable amount. The cancellation fee for Air Canada will depend on the fare type and the number of hours left before departure. 
  • Please remember that the lowest prices for Premium Economy and Business Class tickets are non-refundable. The extra money from the higher ticket fares will be refunded to the person’s bank account. To cancel your Air Canada flight, simply visit their website or use their app. The charges will be determined when the flight is canceled. 
  • If you travel often, you can ask to transfer your refundable amount into different forms like Air Canada Travel vouchers, e-Coupons, ACCredits, and other digital certificates. The airline will confirm your request and the amount will show up in your Air Canada account. You can check at any time by logging in.
  • Benefit from the flexibility of Air Canada’s Flight Change Policy. Discover the options, eligibility requirements, and simple process for modifying your reservations. Regardless of whether your travel plans change or unforeseen circumstances arise, Air Canada’s customer-centric approach to hassle-free travel adjustments will make your trip less stressful.

Air Canada Conditions For Full Refunds 

Air Canada provides a full refund without any fees. To receive a full refund from Air Canada, you must meet the following conditions and eligibility criteria: 

  • You can cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking. 
  • If a passenger, their companion, or a family member passes away, cancellations are allowed and full refunds can be obtained.
  • When there are unexpected military orders and flight cancellations, the final amount will be calculated without any deductions.

If your situation is similar to what was mentioned earlier, you can request a complete refund from Air Canada. Don’t forget to submit a refund request within the specified timeframe. Otherwise, you will miss the chance to get the money back in your account. 

To receive a full refund without any deductions, make sure to bring valid documents that prove the reason for your cancellation. If you fail to do this or submit fake documents, you may be held more responsible. 

Involuntary Cancellations Rules

When flights are delayed or canceled by Air Canada for reasons they can control, such as operational concerns, these situations are considered involuntary. In these situations, the company takes complete responsibility for what it has done and may even provide a full refund along with compensation. 

If Air Canada is not responsible for cancellation, such as due to bad weather or a calamity, you may not receive compensation. The airline compensates passengers for the inconvenience caused.

First, Air Canada will arrange and provide an alternative flight to your destination. If you cannot choose the next best alternative because it doesn’t fit your schedule, you will get a full refund. The amount of compensation you receive depends on the type of fare, the route you take, and where you’re going. Please verify the additional amount that will be credited to your account according to your chosen route. 

Additionally, you have the right to receive compensation for delays in your arrival. The cost for the same is determined by the number of hours the scheduled destinations are delayed compared to the original timings. 

Delay in Hours of Arrival

Compensation Amount

3 to 6 hours

400 CAD

6 to 9 hours

700 CAD

9 hours and more

1000 CAD

Air Canada Compensation Not Allowed

Some passengers won’t get any compensation from Air Canada if their flights are delayed or canceled. This can happen for various reasons. 

  • Tickets without confirmed reservations are not eligible for compensation.
  • The payment was made in a different way. 
  • You were informed about the delay or cancellation 15 days or more in advance. 
  • The fee for denied boarding compensation has already been paid.
  • If you don’t claim the compensation within one year of cancellation or delay, you will not receive it. 

Air Canada Pet Policy

Air Canada’s pet travel policy says that 2 to 4 pets can fly in the cabin, and you can book a place for your pet. Calling the customer service staff to reserve a seat for your pet is always important. Tell them how big your pet cage is, how much your pet weighs, and what breed it is. Depending on what you need for your pet’s journey, the person at the customer service helpdesk will book a seat for your pet. Also, make sure to check in at the airport at least 30 minutes before your trip leaves.


Can I get a refund if I cancel my Air Canada flight?

Refunds depend on the fare type. Basic fares are non-refundable, while others may be eligible.

How do I cancel my Air Canada flight and request a refund?

You can cancel online or via their app, and charges will apply based on cancellation time.

What are the conditions for a full refund from Air Canada?

Full refund allowed within 24 hrs of booking, in case of a passenger’s death or unexpected military orders.

Will Air Canada compensate for flight cancellations caused by them?

Yes, they provide compensation and a full refund if the cancellation is their responsibility.

How much compensation can I get for flight delays?

Compensation varies based on hours delayed, ranging from 400 CAD to 1000 CAD.

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