Air Canada Airlines Reservations

If you are thinking to consider Air Canada as your flag carrier then you must know about the Interesting facts about Air Canada Airlines Reservations first. Air Canada is the largest airline of Canada and with this airline you can make the tickets for both domestic and International flights tickets.

1). Air Canada Fleet Size is 166:

Fleet Size Count is vital to know about any airline because with this you can check the fact about the network of the airline. Right now, air Canada has 166 fleet size and that is impressive in comparison to other airlines in Canada. 222 is the destination count of this airline.

2). Air Canada is Member of Star Alliance;

Star Alliance is one of the leading and largest airline alliances of the world. When you are thinking to avail the benefits of Star Alliance then it is important for you to know that the Air Canada Flights also come with the feature of Star Alliance.

3). Air Canada Have 7 Subsidiaries:

Do you know about the information of Air Canada Subsidiaries? Well, right now the airline has around 7 subsidiaries and these are; Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Foundation, Air Canada JETZ, Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Vacations and Aeroplan as well.

4). Air Canada Has 3 Focus Cities for Operations:

Right Now, Air Canada has 3 focus cities for operations and these are Halifax, Ottawa and Quebec City. These are the 3 focus cities of the airline and you can fly for these cities with Air Canada Flights Booking to save more.