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Traveling with pets can be an unforgettable experience, and JSX Airlines knows how important it is to help people who want to bring their pets with them. This detailed guide will give you all the information and rules you need to know about the JSX Airlines Pet Policy. 

In this piece, we’ll talk about all the rules and laws for traveling with pets in the cabin, including emotional support animals and service animals. We’ll also talk about how to book and how much it costs to bring your pet along so that the trip goes smoothly for you and your pet.

Pet Travel In Cabin Policy

You can bring small dogs and cats on board with JSX Airlines as long as they are in an approved case. 

Here are the rules that JSX Airlines has for pet carriers and pets that are going in the cabin. 

  • The pet will be counted as a personal item that can be brought into the house.
  • All pets must be in a cage that meets the rules. A pet cage that is allowed to be used must be 13 inches wide, 11 inches tall, and 17 inches long.
  • Pets aren’t allowed to sit on their owners’ laps or in anyone else’s place.
  • The pet box must always stay in the suitcase.
  • It has to stay under the seat for the whole flight.
  • JSX may give a free pet cage if they have one available.  If there isn’t a cage for the pet when they check in, they can’t fly. 
  • Each cage can only hold one pet. Each person can bring one bag with them.
  • You can’t put pet crates near the bulkhead, in the emergency exit rows, or in the hallway.
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What Are the Rules for Passengers Traveling With Medium-to-large Dogs?

JSX allows passengers to bring medium-to-large dogs in the cabin during their travels. When traveling with your pet on JSX Airlines, it’s important to follow the laws and regulations outlined in their pet policy. This includes: 

  • When required, valid health and rabies vaccination certificates.
  • If the dog is too large to fit in a permitted carrier, the traveler must buy an extra seat.
  • The dog is then permitted to take a nap on the seat’s floor.
  • Call Customer Support to reserve a spot for you and your medium-to-large dog. 
  • Please let the Airport Services Concierge know if you are taking a pet that needs a separate seat when you check-in.
  • Passengers who travel with large canines must fill out this form. At check-in, a printed copy is necessary.

The following rules must be followed by passengers who are taking medium- to large-sized dogs in the cabin:

  • Throughout the whole flight, pets must be on a leash.
  • The animal’s weight must fall between 79 lbs. 
  • Additional seats must be purchased by passengers.
  • For both Hop on and All tickets, the JSX pet travel cost may vary.
  • Only the area in front of the window seat is available for leashed dogs. The owner is obligated to occupy the adjacent aisle seat.
  • Pets and pet carriers are not allowed on airplane seats.
  • The dog’s boarding privileges may be denied if it engages in aggressive or disruptive conduct. Disruptive actions comprise
  • a lot of barking
  • disregarding the owner’s orders
  • violence directed against other visitors or animals
  • wandering or running erratically when on board exhaling
  • jumping on visitors or JSX staff
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Guidelines for Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support and psychiatric services are considered acceptable. Only dogs and cats are allowed as animals. The guidelines for JSX ESA animals include:

  • If your pet is small, it might be allowed to sit on your lap.
  • You must provide the following documents: 
  • Please provide confirmation that the customer has a diagnosed mental or emotional disability, as recognized in the appropriate diagnostic manual.
  • The customer needs emotional support or a psychiatric service animal for air travel and activities at their destination.
  • We need to verify that the person conducting the assessment is a licensed mental health professional and that the customer is currently receiving professional care from them.
  • Please provide the date, type of license, and the state or jurisdiction where the mental health professional’s license was issued.

How to book pet travel with JSX Airlines? 

To book pet travel with JSX Airlines, simply follow these steps:

  • To start the booking process, give their customer service a call.
  • Please let the airline representative know that you want to book travel for your pet.
  • Please give them important information about your pet, like what breed it is, how big it is, and how much it weighs.
  • Buy an extra seat for your pet. JSX Airlines usually asks passengers to purchase an additional seat for medium-to-large-size dogs.
  • JSX Airlines might ask you to complete a Pet Acceptance Liability Form. 
  • Please verify the booking information, such as the date and time of your flight, as well as any additional services you may need for your pet.
  • Please proceed with the payment for your booking.

When it’s time for your flight, make sure to get to the airport at least 2 hours before it’s scheduled to leave. This will give you enough time to check-in. Passengers can have a safe and comfortable journey for themselves and their pets by following the guidelines and regulations in this comprehensive guide.

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Can I bring my pet to the cabin with JSX Airlines?

Yes, JSX Airlines allows small dogs and cats in the cabin if they are in an approved pet carrier. The carrier must meet specific size requirements and fit under the seat for the entire flight.

What if JSX Airlines doesn’t have a pet carrier available during check-in?

If JSX Airlines doesn’t have a pet carrier available when you check in, your pet won’t be allowed to fly. It’s essential to ensure you have a suitable carrier for your pet in advance.

Can I bring my medium-to-large dog into the cabin?

Yes, JSX Airlines permits medium-to-large dogs in the cabin, but they must have an extra seat. The dog must be on a leash throughout the flight, and the owner must occupy the adjacent aisle seat.

What are the guidelines for Emotional Support Animals (ESA)?

JSX Airlines allows emotional support animals, but only dogs and cats are accepted. If your ESA is small enough, it might be allowed to sit on your lap. You need to provide documentation confirming your mental or emotional disability and the need for an ESA.

How do I book pet travel with JSX Airlines?

To book pet travel with JSX Airlines, follow these steps:

  • Call their customer service and inform them about your pet.
  • Provide essential information about your pet’s breed, size, and weight.
  • If you have a medium-to-large-size dog, be prepared to buy an extra seat.
  • Complete any required Pet Acceptance Liability Form.
  • Verify your booking details, including flight date and time.
  • Proceed with payment for the booking.
  • Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure for check-in.

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