Tailored Policies for Every Flight

Turkish Airlines provides different choices for travelers who want to transport their pets, whether they are traveling with them or not. You can bring your pets with you when you stay in the cabins. They can also travel in the cargo hold or be shipped separately. The airline has specific criteria to determine if a pet can be inside the compartment or needs to be checked as baggage.

You can bring dogs, cats, and two types of birds inside the cabin and cargo hold. Pets that are aggressive and have a short, wide head shape are not allowed on either of them. Pets other than dogs and cats must always be transported using the Cargo service.

For domestic flights, the cost to ship pets ranges from 120 to 350 TRY. For international flights, the charges vary based on the weight of the pet. Pets inside the cabin cost 120 USD, while pets as checked baggage cost 320 USD in locations where charges are based on the baggage piece concept.

Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Options 

  • Pets inside the cabin (Carry-on Pets) 
  • Pets as checked baggage 
  • Pets in the cargo

Pet Inside the Cabin

Turkish Airlines allows pets in the cabin if you meet these requirements:

  • The total weight of the pet and its container is under 8 kilograms.
  • The container cannot be larger than 23 centimeters in height, 30 centimeters in width, and 40 centimeters in length.
  • The dog or cat should be transported in a container that fits under the traveler’s chair.
  • To avoid needing an exit plan, if you’re traveling with a pet, make sure to choose seats near the window. However, avoid selecting seats in rows with exit route gates or where newborn pushchair gear is located.
  • According to Turkish Seat Selection Policy, you can not seat on exit row if you are travelling with pet.
  • Pets that might have difficulty breathing should always be transported in the cabin, rather than in the cargo compartment. To learn more, please refer to the section on breed restrictions.

Allowed Pets

  • Dogs
  • Canaries 
  • Parakeets
  • Cats

Pets as Checked Baggage 

Turkish Airlines allows pets in the cargo compartment if certain conditions are met:

  • The total weight of the pet and its container is over 8 kilograms.
  • The container needed for your pet must be larger than 23×30×40 centimeters in height, width, and length.
  • Pigeons and parrots should be transported in the cargo compartment.

Container requirements 

  • A passenger can bring a maximum of two pet containers when traveling.
  • You can buy an airline-approved soft-sided pet carrier from Henkelion, Sherpa, and Vceoa stores.
  • Each passenger is allowed to bring one container inside the cabin. You need to check the Other container as baggage.
  • Pets and their containers should not have a bad smell. Additionally, pets should be well-trained to behave properly when in public.
  • There are two types of containers for pets: hard-sided and soft-sided. Hard-sided containers are allowed for pets in the cabin and as checked baggage.
  • The container should have suitable ventilation options.
  • Make sure the enclosures are spacious enough for the animal to travel comfortably. The enclosures should allow the animal to move around, turn over, and lie down easily. They should have proper ventilation to allow for airflow, be completely waterproof, and have a locking mechanism that works horizontally.
  • If you have a wait time of 3 hours or more, or if your flight is longer than eight hours, remember to provide meals and instructions for the animal’s enclosure. Additionally, make sure to have a fully automated sipper for the animal’s dietary and other needs.
  • Please make sure that the enclosure has a tag with the animal’s data on it.
  • Two creatures from the same genus, who are accustomed to being together, can be transported in the same pet carrier within the compartment. However, it is important to continue enforcing the mass restriction.
  • You can transport up to three animals that were born from the same mother and are between 10 to 24 weeks old in a single pet carrier in the airplane hold. Animals from the same genus, like puppies and kittens, can travel together in a pet carrier if they weigh less than 14 kg for puppies and 10 kg for kittens. They should be around the same size and familiar with each other. If a mammal weighs more than 14 kilos (pups) or 10 kg (kitties), it should have its own box.
  • You can transport two older living creatures of the same genus in a single pet carrier. The weight limit for each creature is 14 kilograms for pups and 10 kilograms for kitties. The carrier should be approximately 15 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 9 inches tall. The creatures should be familiar with each other. The carrier will be placed in the airplane hold for the journey. If a mammal weighs more than 14 kilos (pups) or 10 kilos (cats), it should have its own box.
  • Embark on a hassle-free journey with Turkish Airlines’ Check-In Policy. Learn about online and airport check-in procedures, timings, and requirements for a seamless start to your travel. Turkish Airlines ensures a convenient and customer-friendly process, setting the stage for a smooth travel experience.

Pet Age

In order for pets to travel on Turkish Airlines, they must be at least 10 weeks old.

Documents Required

  • A medical credential obtained from a licensed veterinarian.
  • Papers about immunizations. To ensure your pet’s safety during a flight, it is recommended to give them a rabies vaccination at least one month before the scheduled flight. However, it should not be administered more than one year in advance of the flight.
  • A document that allows flights to take place in the presence of birds.
  • Pets that are between 10 to 12 weeks old must have special approval from a qualified professional.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork for your pet when traveling to another country. They would not be able to transport the pet in another way.

Destination Restrictions 

If you’re flying to Ukraine, Moldova, or the United States, please note that each passenger is allowed to bring only one container with a pet.

The CDC has put restrictions on bringing pets into the United States from countries with a high risk of rabies.  To enter the United States from a specific country, you need to submit the required paperwork to the CDC. Send the documents to [email protected] at least one month before your scheduled flight. You must also bring those documents to the airport.

If the following criteria are met, there is no need for authorization from the Centers for Disease Control:

  • If it can be demonstrated that the animal has been less than 180 days in a country with a high risk of rabies, if it has a valid rabies inoculation certificate from a licensed veterinarian in the United States, and if it has a readable computer chip, examine it.
  • If the age of your animal is at least six months,
  • If he comes in reasonably good form, but only if he departs from authorized airport terminals.

Aircraft Restrictions 

  • Dogs, cats, birds, and cats are not allowed to travel together on the same flight, even if they are separated by compartments. Dogs and birds can be transported either in separate compartments or together in the same compartment, if possible.
  • Turkish Airlines is not responsible for any medical issues that may happen to the animal during or after the trip.
  • Under certain circumstances, animals may be allowed inside the compartment if commuters have already presented a written certificate stating that they are irritant to living creatures.
    • When a traveler who has declared hypersensitivity and a traveler who has applied to bring an animal are both on the same plane, the traveler who made the first booking will have their request approved.
    • When a traveler with a guide animal and a traveler with a hypersensitivity declaration are both on the same trip in the United States, the guide animal will always be given priority over the hypersensitivity declaration, regardless of the order in which they made their bookings.
    • When booking a trip, the order of priority would be given to relief and recovery animals and trips within the United States. However, in cases where a traveler with a guide animal and a traveler with a hypersensitivity declaration are on the same trip, their booking sequence would be considered.

Breed Restrictions 

Pets are not accepted. Who,

  • Pets that are not in good condition.
  • Pregnant pets.
  • Pets that are younger than 10 weeks old.
  • Pets that are still nursing from their mothers.
  • African gray parrots.

Pets that might have breathing problems should always be transported in the cabin, not in the cargo compartment.

Restricted Cats:

Exotic, Himalayan, Persian, Birman

Restricted Dogs:

Shar Pei, Tibetan Spaniel, Pug (All breeds), Lhasa Apso, English Toy Spaniel, French Bulldog, Brussels Griffon, Affenpinscher, Chow Chow, English Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Japanese Chin

Pet Booking

According to Turkish Airlines’ pet policy, individuals who are planning to fly with their pets need to get authorization at least 6 hours before their flight takes off. Turkish Airlines has different types of planes that can accommodate different numbers of animals. On B737 (400-700-800-900) A319/320/321 aircraft, you can bring two dogs in economy class and one dog in business class.


Passengers who have pets can check in at the terminal counters.

How Do I Add My Pet to My Turkish Airlines Flight?

  • Book your flight at least two days before it is due to leave.
  • Check to see if your pet can travel with you in the plane or if it has to be checked as luggage.
  • Prepare the forms based on where you want to go. Make sure to see your vet to get your pet’s flying permit.
  • Buy a cage that meets the rules and let your pet get used to being in it.
  • Don’t feed your pet in the last 4 hours before you leave.
  • Check-in when you have plenty of time.
  • Have fun on the flight with your pet.

Others Tips

  • There may have been a cap set by the company on how many animals could be on each plane. These animal “chairs” might be given out first come, first served, so making a ticket a little early can help clear up any misunderstanding. You want more than one pet, right? Talk about it with the company. Some companies will let you bring more than one animal into the room, but you’ll almost certainly need to buy extra (empty) chairs to fit the animal cages under them.
  • Make a list to help you remember everything you will need. Check that things like a dog’s collar and a bowl of water for transport are in the carry-on and not in the checked luggage.
  • If there are a lot of stops, the trip may take longer and the animal may be in the shipper for longer than necessary. Taking the same route over and over again will be much more expensive, but it will be easier for the dog. Hey, you don’t even have a big problem with it!
  • Putting off a meal can help keep your dog from getting sick on the plane. People would not want to clean up any mess caused by motion sickness on an airplane, such as between companies. If the dog gets sick when moving, people should ask their vet if there are any medicines that can help.


Can I bring my pet on board with me during my flight with Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines provides different choices for transporting pets. You can bring dogs, cats, and certain types of birds inside the cabin. However, aggressive pets with a short, wide head shape are not allowed in the cabin. Other pets must use the Cargo service.

Can i cancel flight in case of emergancy?

Yes, you can cancel your flight in case of emergency, But you must be aware of Turkish Airlines cancellation policy before canceling your flight.

What are the requirements for pets to travel in the cabin with me?

For pets to travel in the cabin, the total weight of the pet and its container must be under 8 kilograms, and the container size should not exceed 23x30x40 centimeters. The pet should be transported in a container that fits under the traveler’s chair. Additionally, if the pet has difficulty breathing, it should always be transported in the cabin.

What pets are allowed to travel as checked baggage and in the cargo compartment?

Pets allowed as checked baggage and in the cargo compartment are those with a total weight exceeding 8 kilograms. Pigeons and parrots should be transported in the cargo compartment.

Are there any breed restrictions for pets traveling on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, there are breed restrictions for pets. Certain breeds are not accepted, and pets that are not in good condition, pregnant pets, pets younger than 10 weeks old, and pets nursing from their mothers are not allowed to travel.

What documents are required for my pet to travel with Turkish Airlines?

Pets must have a medical credential from a licensed veterinarian and papers for immunizations, including a rabies vaccination given at least one month before the scheduled flight. Birds also require a document allowing flights in their presence. Special approval is needed for pets between 10 to 12 weeks old.

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