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Air India is a big international airline that tries to make trips more comfortable for all of its customers by giving them a lot of seating choices. It does this by offering a wide range of ticket prices and an Air India seat selection strategy. There can also be extra benefits, like the ability to change seats.

So, if you want to fly on it, you should know where each place is and what the map looks like. This is important if you want to plan your trip well.

How to Choose a Seat in Advance?

With the Air India fast online seat selection option, you can choose where you want to sit. With this tool, you can choose your seats either when you make the ticket or afterward. The steps are easy, and you can start by going to www.airindia.in. There will be a clear way to choose it.

  • To find the “Seat Select” option on Air India’s website, simply scroll down on the homepage. You’ll see it on the right side of your screen. Please select or tap on it. 
  • To access your reservation, you need to provide your last name and ticket number. 
  • After that, click on the “Retrieve Booking” option that is marked in red. 
  • You can use this to access your reservation and choose your seat on Air India. 
  • Choose your seats and provide the necessary payment. 
  • You will receive a confirmation by mail for the new seat.
  • You must be aware about Air India Baggage Policy before selecting seat.

Air India Seat Map

If you want to book seats that fit your budget, it might be necessary to look at the Air India seat map. This map shows the different kinds of cabins available.  You can also find out about the services provided during the flight in each cabin. Below is an explanation of the prices and amenities offered by Air India Airlines in relation to the seating arrangement and cabins. 

Economy Class

If you want to save money while traveling, choosing the Economy class is a good idea. Air India offers the most affordable seating choices. They provide enough space for your legs and have a standard reclining feature. 

The Air India seats have movie screens and personal entertainment services. You can enjoy free snacks and drinks along with your paid meal. The food choices include traditional Indian dishes and other seafood options. Customers in this cabin can also choose to reserve their meals ahead of time. During international flights, you may have the option to enjoy wine and other alcoholic beverages. 

The Economy cabin has a modern temperature control system. Improved lighting is provided to make reading or working easier. When you fly for short trips or vacations, you have the option to select these seats.

Executive Class

If you want to protect your privacy while flying, you can choose the Executive Class seats. You can enjoy roomy cabins with more space for your legs. According to Air India’s seat reservation policy, every passenger in this cabin will get either an aisle or window seat, depending on the aircraft that was booked. 

The seats are made even more comfortable with extra cushioning and plush material. You can get special food items made to order. The main advantage of these seats is that you get to check in first. This means that you will have special check-in and boarding services that can help you save time. In addition to this, travelers have access to lounge facilities. Before your flight departs, you have the option to relax, work, or wait in the lounge. Choosing to fly in the Executive Class is a good option for business or work trips. 

First Class

Also called Air India Business Class seats, these are the most luxurious choices available. Private jets can be just as comfortable. This cabin has seats that can recline 180 degrees and turn into flat beds. Passengers can choose between window and aisle seats. 

The inside of the place has traditional Indian furniture, so you can get a taste of Indian culture. You can watch TV shows, and series, and listen to music on big personal screens. There are only 12 seats available in the First-class section of Air India planes. This means that passengers in this section will have privacy during their flight. 

You can enjoy exclusive lounge services if you are flying in this cabin. The dining services offer a variety of food options from different countries. You have the option to purchase your menus ahead of time. We provide free cocktails, refreshments, and liquor at this location. So, if you travel in First-class seats, it can be a very special experience that you might only have once in your life.

Change Seat After Reservation

You have the option to choose your seats and also have the ability to upgrade or change them. If you’re not happy with the seat you were given on Air India, you can change it to a different one. To do that, please visit the website and go to the section called Manage Your Trip. To start the process, select the option called Manage Booking.

  • Please go to the Air India website’s main link.
  • You can find the “Manage Your Trip” tab on the airline’s official website. Please select or tap on it.
  • To find the “Manage My Booking” option, look for the drop-down list and select it. Then, tap on the “Manage Booking” option. 
  • You will be taken to a different page where you need to provide information about your reservation. 
  • After you have entered all the required information, simply click on the “Retrieve Booking” button located on the right side. 
  • Check the Air India flight seat map to see if seats are available.
  • Now, you have the option to choose the seats you want to upgrade to.
  • You will have to pay any amount required for the upgrade.

Whether you are traveling within your country or abroad, Air India’s seat selection policy simplifies the process of flying to any destination. It provides comfort at prices that are affordable. The advanced selection feature helps travelers make reservations easier.


How can I choose my seat in advance on Air India?

You can choose your seat in advance by visiting the Air India website and accessing the “Seat Select” option. Provide your last name and ticket number to retrieve your booking. Then, choose your preferred seats and make the necessary payment. You will receive a confirmation email for the new seat.

What are the seating options and amenities in Air India’s Economy Class?

Air India’s Economy Class offers affordable seating choices with enough leg space and standard reclining features. Passengers enjoy movie screens, personal entertainment services, free snacks, and drinks. The food choices include traditional Indian dishes and seafood options. Meals can be reserved ahead of time, and alcoholic beverages are available on international flights.

What are the advantages of choosing Executive Class seats on Air India?

Executive Class seats provide more privacy, roomy cabins, and either an aisle or window seats. The seats are more comfortable with extra cushioning and plush material. Passengers in this class get priority check-in and boarding services, as well as access to lounge facilities. It’s an excellent option for business or work trips.

What amenities are available in Air India’s First Class?

Air India’s First Class, also known as Business Class, offers luxurious seating with seats that recline 180 degrees and turn into flat beds. Passengers can choose between window and aisle seats. The cabin has a taste of Indian culture with traditional Indian furniture. Passengers enjoy personal TV screens, music, and exclusive lounge services. The dining options offer a variety of food choices from different countries, along with free cocktails, refreshments, and liquor.

Can I change my seat after making a reservation on Air India?

Yes, you can change your seat after making a reservation on Air India. Visit the “Manage Your Trip” section on the airline’s website, then select “Manage Booking.” Enter your reservation information and click on “Retrieve Booking.” You will have the option to choose available seats and pay any required amount for upgrades.

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