Tailored Policies for Every Flight

Passengers have access to a variety of cabin alternatives under Japan Airlines’ seat selection policy. This can assist customers in selecting chairs that fit their needs and their budget. Additionally, it helps with seat selection and improvement.

As a result, you can select from options like Economy, Premium Economy, First Class, etc. With this strategy in place, you may switch between them as needed, based on availability.

Japanese Airlines Seat Options

You have a variety of seating options to pick from, depending on the distance and your destination. Depending on the ticket, these Japanese Airlines reservation alternatives provide different features and benefits. 

Economy Class

These are the least expensive choices for seats on this airline. Standard dimensions and legroom are provided by the chairs. Each seat in this cabin has a personal screen that gives users access to a variety of entertainment options, such as music and TV shows. 

The JAL Sky Wider choices are available in the Economy class because of the seat assignment policy of Japanese Airlines. Seat width and legroom are wider than they are at ordinary rates. However, both types of flights provide comparable in-flight eating options. There is also a typical food and beverage choice. The availability of magazines, earplugs, and eye masks are a few more perks in this cabin. 

Premium Economy Class

The seats in this cabin provide extra space for you to relax and stretch. Each of these options is about 10 cm wider than the standard Economy options. These seats have bigger leg rests and footrests that can be adjusted. Passengers can use a 12-inch touchscreen to stream movies or shows.  You can use USB ports and power outlets to charge your electronic devices. 

The meal services in the Economy Cabin are pretty much the same as the meal services in the meal services. You can serve alcoholic drinks. You can receive an amenities kit that includes toothbrushes, masks, slippers, and moisturizer. These seats are a good option for people who fly internationally. 

Business Class Seats

This class guarantees that passengers have total privacy. The seats can fully recline into a flatbed position, so travelers can sleep, stretch, or work comfortably. JAL offers some of the most spacious options available. This cabin has a big 23-inch screen with advanced technology. Passengers can use the extra storage space under the seats and above their heads. 

The dining services offer delicious Japanese dishes and a variety of alcoholic beverages and wines. The flight ticket reservations with Japanese Airlines also provide lounges where you can wait or relax before boarding. In addition, people with this fare can save time by using priority boarding. Traveling in Business class can be a very comfortable experience. 

First Class Seats

These seating options on Japanese Airlines are the most expensive. These services are modern and provide a genuine private jet flying experience. JAL’s First Class seats are made of wood. They have a large personal screen size of 23 inches, which is one of the largest among many airlines. Travelers can have a lot of space and enjoy fancy facilities. 

The seats are divided to give passengers complete privacy. The food can have menus and recipes made specifically for you by famous chefs. In this cabin, customers have the opportunity to enjoy high-priced wine. They are provided with LCD panels and noise-canceling headphones. According to Japanese Airlines, you can book seats in advance to get discounts. When entrepreneurs go on work trips, they have the option to fly in First-Class seats. 

How to Select Seats on Japanese Airlines?

If you have a specific seat preference, Japanese Airlines allows you to choose your seats yourself through their seat selection policy. You can choose any of the cabins that are reserved. You can complete the selection process when you reserve your seats or when you check in

  • Please open your search engine. Please enter the link as “www.jal.co.jp.in“. 
  • When you visit this site, you can easily find the “Manage My Booking” option for Japanese Airlines. 
  • To find the option named “Manage Flight Booking,” click on the subsection.
  • Now, you will be asked to provide a list of details in order to view your reservation:
    • First and Last Name
    • Booking Number
    • Reference Number
    • Others Details
  • Once you have provided this information, you can simply click on the “Booking Details” button located at the bottom right. 
  • Please check if there are any seats available for your reservation. Please choose them based on this information. 
  • To proceed, please confirm the seats you have selected and make the necessary payment if required. 
  • Once you receive the official booking confirmation from Japanese Airlines, your seats will be marked as selected. 

Changing Seats on Japanese Airlines

If you’re not happy with the seats you chose, you can easily change their positions. The process of making changes is similar to the advanced seat selection of Japanese Airlines. To change your seats, you need to check in for your flight first. 

  • Please navigate to the homepage of this airline’s website. 
  • To access the check-in feature, simply tap on the tab labeled “Check-in” located on the first page of this website. 
  • Choose the “Web Check-in” option in this section. 
  • To find your booking, simply click on the “Reservation Number” button. 
  • You can provide all the necessary details here. 
  • To change your seats, please identify your reservation and then follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Choose the seats that you would like to replace your old seats with. 
  • To confirm your changes, please make the payment if requested. 


What types of seats does Japan Airlines offer?

Japan Airlines offers Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class seats.

How do I select seats on Japan Airlines?

You can choose your seats through the “Manage My Booking” option on the Japan Airlines website using your reservation details.

Can I change my seats on Japan Airlines?

Yes, you can change your seats on Japan Airlines by checking in for your flight and following the instructions on the website.

What amenities are available in Economy Class on Japan Airlines?

In Economy Class, passengers have personal screens for entertainment and access to in-flight meals and beverages.

What are the features of Business Class on Japan Airlines?

Business Class offers fully reclining seats, extra storage space, a large screen, priority boarding, and premium dining options.

What amenities are provided in First Class on Japan Airlines?

First Class offers private suites with wood interiors, a large personal screen, personalized menus, and premium wine selections.

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