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Korean Air requires that the name on your ticket must match the name on your passport or other legal ID exactly, as per their name change policy. If it’s not there, you might not be able to get on your flight. 

Here are some important things to remember if you want to change the name on your ticket:

  • You cannot change your name on a ticket unless you have legally changed your name. 
  • If you changed your name legally and your old name is on your ticket, you need to ask for a name change through a Korean Air Service Center or Branch Office before you travel. 
  • If you have changed your name legally and you are a SkyPass member, you need to update your name in your SkyPass account before you travel. You can do this online, through a Korean Air Service Center, or Branch Office. 
  • If your name is spelled wrong on your ticket, you need to get it fixed right away. You can do this by contacting a Korean Air Service Center or Branch Office.
  • If your name is spelled wrong on your ticket and you’re a SkyPass member, you can fix it online or ask a Korean Air Service Center or Branch Office to fix it before you go on your trip.

Korean Air Legal Name Change Policy

If you legally changed your name, make sure your ticket has your correct name before you travel. To change your name legally, you need to: 

  • To get in touch with Korean Air, contact their office in your city or country. You can also reach out to the Korean Air branch office in your city or country. 
  • Please submit a legal ID or a copy of your resident registration that shows your name change before or during the application process. 
  • Make sure to retrieve your ticket using the name that matches your identification.

Korean Air Name Corrections and Misspellings

If there are mistakes in your name on your ticket, you need to get them fixed before you travel. To fix a mistake in spelling or typing:

  • To contact Korean Air, call their phone number or visit their local office in your city or country.
  • Please give me a legal ID that has your name spelled correctly. 
  • Get a copy of your recently issued ticket with the correct spelling of your name. 

Korean Air SkyPass Name Change 

  • To access your SkyPass account, please log in.
  • To edit your profile, first, click on “My Profile” and then select “Edit Profile”. 
  • Simply follow the instructions given to make the necessary modifications. 
  • Make sure to upload the necessary documents.

Korean Air Name Change Fees

Korean Air charges a fee for certain types of corrections or changes to your booking, such as a name change. You may also need to pay the difference in fare. 

Name change requests Airline’s penalty (in USD) Fare difference, if any
Correction to the middle name 200 Yes
Correction to the first name 200 Yes
Correction to the last name 200 Yes
Addition to the last name without changing the name 200 Yes
First and last names are inverted 150 No
Married/maiden name change 200 Yes

Methods to Name Change on Korean Air Flight Ticket

To change or correct your name, you can call the airline’s customer service phone number or use the Korean Air website. 

  • Online Method 
  • Through Phone

Online Method: 

If you bought your flight ticket through the airline’s website, you can ask to correct only the name online. To manage your booking, simply go to the Manage Booking section and follow these steps: 

  • Please provide the booking reference and the last name of the passenger. 
  • To correct a passenger’s name, go to the booking summary page and choose the name of the passenger that needs to be corrected.
  • You can only correct up to 3 letters of your first or last name on the airline’s website. 
  • Click on the ‘Change name’ button and type the correct name in the appropriate field. 
  • After you confirm the changes, you will be taken to the checkout page. 
  • Provide your payment information and finish the payment procedure. You will get an email with the corrected name on the e-tickets. 

Through Phone:

To change your name or make corrections to it for legal reasons, simply call the Korean Air name change phone number. You can change your name before the scheduled departure, but make sure to do it at least 24 hours in advance.

Rules for Korean Air Change Name on Ticket

Korean Air allows name changes or corrections on flight segments that have not been flown yet. However, you cannot change the passenger type (adult, child, infant). 

There are other terms and conditions you need to understand before submitting a name change request to your Korean Airlines reservation.

  • You can only change/correct the name if you have a ticket from Korean Air and your flight is operated by Korean Air. 
  • If your name is spelled incorrectly, you can fix up to 3 letters in your first, middle, or last name. If you need to correct a name on an international booking, you may have to pay a fee of 250 USD. For flights within South Korea, the fee is 150 USD. 
  • If an adult is traveling with an infant and needs to change their name, the fee for changing the name does not apply to the infant.
  • Korean Air allows passengers to change their name due to divorce or marriage, but they will have to pay a fee. You need to provide proof of your name change with official documents if you changed your name after buying your ticket. 
  • To change your name and/or surname at the Korean Air ticket office, you need to provide a written declaration confirming the changes and a copy of your passport.
  • If you need to change or correct the name within 24 hours of purchasing your flight, you must cancel the booking, get a full refund, and then make a new booking with the correct name. Before cancelling your flight check out full details about Korean Air Flight Cancellation Policy.

Korean Air Change Name Request

You can request a name change for Korean Air if one or more of the following exclusions apply.

  • The ticket requires that the flight is both operated and marketed by Korean Air.
  • If the plan involves going to and coming back from South Korea.
  • You need to correct more than 3 letters in either your first name or last name. 
  • If you need to correct a name on a ticket for the second time after already requesting a correction once, the ticket will need to be reissued again.

First and Middle Name Correction: If you need to correct the first or middle name on your airline ticket, you can do so by paying the Korean Air change name fee. They will then reissue the ticket with the corrected name. You will need to pay extra if the ticket was issued for a higher class of service.

Addition of Last Name: If a passenger has two last names and wants to add another one without changing the first one, the airline will reissue the ticket. For instance, changing Elizabeth Smith to Elizabeth Alderson Smith. 

Married/Maiden Name Change: If you booked a Korean Air reservation with your maiden name but have since changed your name, you can update your name on the reservation. However, you will need to provide proof of the name change, such as a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree. There will also be a fee for changing your name on the reservation.

Pet Policy: Yes, you can bring birds, small dogs, and cats in the cabin with you on Korean Air. However, other pets like hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, turtles, chickens, snakes, pigs, etc., are not allowed on Korean Air flights. Want to know about Korean Air Pet Policy just visit this post.


To fly with Korean Air, your ticket name must match your passport or legal ID exactly. You can only change your name if you have legally changed it. Before traveling, make sure to correct any differences in names.

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