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It’s great when a flight lets people change their names on their reservations. Air India is also one of these, and it gives people full freedom for their own good. This is a full example of Air India’s policy on changing its name, so readers can see the different rules and standards that fall under the idea. Also, they can call us any time, day or night, to find out what’s going on.

When you travel internationally by plane, it’s important that the name on your ticket matches the name on your passport or government-issued ID. All documents must have the same name with the same characters in the same order. If anything is placed incorrectly, it is against the laws of the aviation industry and can be punished.

It’s perfectly fine to talk about the airline. Air India is a well-known and respected airline company in the Indian aviation industry. India’s largest air travel service provider is, in fact, the one with the biggest market share. Air India has its main office in New Delhi. They have a large fleet of over 120 aircraft, including planes made by Boeing and Airbus. Every day, they operate many flights. It was established in 1932 and joined the Star Alliance in 2014.

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Air India’s Name Change Policy: Everything We Must Know

Sometimes, a visitor may accidentally enter incorrect name details in the reservation form. People often rush or get excited when they do something, or they let someone else provide the details for them. There could be many reasons, but it never brings good results for travelers and only adds to the inconveniences. If the name details on the PNR are incorrect, you won’t be able to board the flight. The Department of Transportation (DoT) considers it to be an offense.

Are you planning to fly with Air India? Do you have a ticket with the wrong name and want to change it? Here is the guide you need the most. Air India is famous for having policies that are very flexible and friendly towards customers. The company focuses on making sure passengers are comfortable and happy. Air India is always open to allowing name corrections and has implemented relevant systems for visitors. To have a successful journey, it is necessary to change the name on the ticket. So, it aims to allow users to change their name information using precious stones.

  • You can fix mistakes in the name of Air India by making the required changes.
  • Laws say that visitors can only change up to two or three letters.
  • Remember that the plane will never let you change your full name.
  • You can’t change the name on the ticket or give it to someone else.
  • Also, the policy only applies to domestic tickets that were bought in India through the ticket office or an agent.
  • In the metro towns of Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, a person can get new passes, even if they need to change their name.
  • The ruling only applies to tickets that have not been used.
  • You can also change the name on tickets bought with cash or a credit card.

Methods to Change the Name on the Air India Ticket

Air India, which is based in India, is like many other airlines in that it has policies and rules for name changes that are easy to follow. It happens often that a passenger’s name is misread on the PNR. They look for legal ways to change it and get rid of mistakes. When flying with Air India, passengers can do any of the following:

Online Method

Air India lets its valued customers make any necessary changes to their PNR without any trouble. The digital method is good and easy enough that you can use it right away if you follow a few simple steps.

In the same way, people can use the airline’s official website and go to the “manage my booking” area on the home page. Before making changes to the schedule, they will have to enter the ticket number and last name. At the end of the online process, if there is a fee, you can pay it and be done. Air India will confirm your new ticket by sending you an email with the information.

Offline Method

If you want to do some old-fashioned things while changing the name of Air India, you are welcome to. The Indian airline also uses offline tools to help you decide which option is best for you. Under this tunnel, people can choose any of the following ways to get where they want to go:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Through Customer Care

Air India Name Correction Fee and Charges

Well, if you want to change or fix your name on the ticket, you might have to pay a fee. If you change up to three characters in the name, it doesn’t charge you for the service. But there are some other rules that say you will have to pay the fine in certain situations.


Can I change my name on the Air India ticket if I made a mistake while booking?

Yes, Air India allows passengers to make name corrections on their tickets. You can change up to two or three characters in the name without any charge.

Can I change my full name on the Air India ticket?

No, Air India’s policy does not allow passengers to change their full name on the ticket. Only up to two or three characters can be modified.

Can I Cancel Air India Flight?

According to Air India Flight Cancellation Policy, You can cancel flight under some conditions.

Does Air India’s name change policy apply to international tickets as well?

No, the name change policy of Air India applies only to domestic tickets that were purchased in India through the ticket office or an agent.

What are the methods to change the name on the Air India ticket?

Passengers can change the name on their Air India ticket through two methods:

  1. Online Method: Visit the airline’s official website, go to “manage my booking,” enter the ticket number and last name, make the necessary changes, and pay any applicable fee.
  2. Offline Method: Visit the airport ticket counter or contact customer care to make the name correction.

Is there a fee for changing the name on the Air India ticket?

If you change up to three characters in the name, there is no charge for the service. However, certain situations may incur a fine that you will have to pay.

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