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Do you need to correct a misspelled name on your Sun Country ticket? This is the correct guide for you. If you make a mistake when booking your flight with Sun Country Airlines, you can change or correct your name later on. This blog aims to provide a clear explanation of every aspect of the policy so that you can proceed with the process without any worries.

About Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines is a well-respected airline in the United States. The very cheap airline is introducing new technologies and modern travel ideas to make sure passengers have a great experience. Before we continue, let’s take a quick look at the airline.

Sun Country Airlines is a big and affordable airline in the United States. They have 43 planes in their fleet. It started in January 1983 and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

The airline has a big network of 86 routes for passengers to travel to both domestic and international destinations. It helps people who are traveling to different parts of the world, such as the United States, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Sun Country Airlines is the 11th biggest air travel provider in the USA based on the number of scheduled passengers they carry.

About Sun Country Airlines Name Correction Policy 

Sometimes, passengers make mistakes when they enter their names on the flight reservation form. This happens quite often. People sometimes make mistakes by misspelling a single letter or the entire name. Making a small mistake may seem common, but it can lead to a lot of frustration in the end.

If you made a mistake while making a reservation, you can change or correct it. Sun Country, like other airlines, lets passengers fix their name or address if needed. It supports a policy that is easy to follow and involves simple steps to make things organized without difficulty.

Sun Country customers can change their reservation before the departure date. You can change your booking to correct the name according to the airline’s guidelines.

There are various situations that may require you to change or correct your name on a ticket. You may be excited to fix the errors made by hand. Also, if you changed your legal name due to marriage or divorce, you’ll need to update your name on the ticket.

Sun Country customers will have many options to go through the name change process. In this guide, we will explain each one separately so that you can understand them better.

What is Sun Country Airlines’ policy for correcting names?

Sun Country Airlines is an important part of the aviation industry in the United States. They promise to share policies that are easy for customers to understand, including guidelines, laws, and regulations. It aims to help people stay organized during a name change with a structured approach. Correcting your name would be stress-free and you might even enjoy the process.

Sun Country has a policy for correcting names. Customers must follow these guidelines:

  • They can correct a single letter in the name.
  • If they can’t change the name, they have to buy a new ticket.
  • Customers should let airline representatives know if they have legally changed their name due to marriage, divorce, or other reasons. But first, they must get a certificate of marriage or divorce to start the process.
  • When changing the name on a ticket, passengers need to keep the same flight route that is already mentioned on the ticket.

Ways to Change/Correct Name of Flight Ticket

As mentioned in the blog before, Sun Country allows various ways for customers to correct their names for their convenience. The airline always makes sure that travelers are as comfortable and happy as possible. Passengers have more options to choose from when requesting a name change with the airline. The airline is very flexible and can accommodate clients in critical situations. Clients can choose the option that suits them best. 

We can divide these procedures into two categories.

  • Online Method
  • Offline Method

Online Method: 

You can correct your name online using internet technologies. This is the method commonly used for making flight reservations, Flight Cancellations, or Checking In.

To fix a name online, go to the company’s website or mobile app. To complete your task, go to the website and find the section that corresponds to what you need. You can make the necessary name changes from the comfort of your own home.

Steps to Follow

  • Go to suncountry.com, which is the official website of the carrier.
  • To access the account, the user needs to log in using their registered credentials.
  • To manage their booking, users can go to the “Manage My Booking” tab on the homepage.
  • You can enter your family name and booking code number in the fields provided.
  • The next page will show a list of bookings. Choose the appropriate option.
  • You can choose suitable options to change the name as needed.
  • Make sure that your name matches the one on your passport.
  • Make sure to pay the service fee, if there is one, before ending the process.
  • Sun Country will send a confirmation email for name corrections or changes.

Offline Method: 

The most common way to handle things offline is to call the airline’s customer service number. 

After your call is connected, a customer service representative will ask for important information such as your booking or reservation number and the last name of the passenger. Give them precise information to ensure they have the correct items or actions in order.

You can also go to the customer service center or kiosk for the same reason. If you need to change your name legally, remember to bring a marriage or divorce certificate with you in that situation. To travel with any airline legally, your name on the ticket and government-issued ID must match exactly.


Can I correct a misspelled name on my Sun Country ticket?

You can fix a misspelled name on your Sun Country ticket. Passengers can change or correct their names on the ticket with Sun Country Airlines.

What is Sun Country Airlines’ policy for name correction?

Customers of Sun Country Airlines can correct their names according to specific guidelines. If there is a mistake in the name, passengers can fix one letter. But if the name needs to be completely changed, they will have to buy a new ticket. To change your name, you need to give us a certificate of marriage or divorce if you legally changed your name because of those reasons or any other reasons. When changing the name on a ticket, it’s crucial to keep the flight route the same.

What are the ways to change/correct the name on a Sun Country flight ticket?

Sun Country Airlines offers customers two ways to change or correct their names on flight tickets: online and offline. To check your flight details online, you need to visit the airline’s website or use their mobile app. Then, log in to your account and find the “Manage Booking” section. Passengers can enter their family name and booking code number to make name changes. To use the offline method, you can call Sun Country Airlines’ customer service number or go to a customer service center or kiosk. If you changed your legal name, you’ll need to bring a marriage or divorce certificate.

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