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What should you do if your name is misspelled on a United Airlines ticket? Passengers might find the situation puzzling. Traveling with United Flights is convenient for you. If you made a mistake with your name when booking a flight with United Airlines, you can use their name correction policy to fix it after booking.

About United Airlines

United Flights is a big airline company in the US. The airline offers flexible travel options to provide great service at affordable prices for customers. This company has the third largest number of airplanes and serves a lot of different routes. The airline is based in Chicago, Illinois. The carrier is working hard to improve the experience for visitors by using new technologies and services. Overall, your travel experience will be amazing and feel like paradise.

Additionally, the airline offers flights through a vast network of both domestic and international routes. It helped create the Star Alliance. This alliance is made up of 28 airlines and is the biggest in the world. United Airlines has 8 hubs, and the biggest one is in Chicago-O’Hare. It has the most departures and serves the most passengers.

About United Name Correction Policy

Making mistakes is a natural part of being human. This is a well-known saying that people all around the world use to describe how humans often behave when they make mistakes. People often make mistakes when booking flights with the aviation department. One of the most common mistakes made by passengers is typing the wrong name in the flight booking form. There can be multiple reasons for it to happen. When you’re in a rush to reserve your ticket, you might accidentally press the wrong letter in the name box.

Also, if someone else inputs information for you, they may enter the wrong name. It’s likely that if someone enters your name incorrectly, you could get into trouble. Names can have mistakes that are either a single letter or an entire name. It will make you feel panicked in any situation. Also,

It can be very chaotic when you realize that your name is misspelled right before you leave. If your name is misspelled on the PNR, you won’t get a break. Your name on your government-issued ID proof must match your name as per the TSA guidelines. You’ll be in trouble if there’s any difference, even if it’s just one letter. If your name is incorrect on the PNR, you won’t be able to board the flight.

Good news for passengers! Once you have a confirmed ticket, you can change the booking details. This is your right as a traveler. The entire industry follows the same philosophy when it comes to various issues.

You may have to wait for hours at the airport and your ticket could be cancelled if things are not resolved. If there’s any difference, even just one letter, you’ll have a problem.

Most airlines allow passengers to correct their names. Airlines are similar in this regard. It also lets its valuable customers follow the set process for the same. The airline company guarantees great and stress-free services at the cheapest prices.

About United Minor Policy

This policy allows you to travel on United Airlines even if you are a minor. Minors need to travel on airlines due to their work and education. Every airline has a special service for minors. They can use this service to ensure that your child is safe during the flight. To check out our full information about minor service, check out our United Airlines unaccompanied minor policy page.

What Steps Are Involved in the United Name Correction Policy?

United is a large airline based in the USA. It always goes above and beyond to provide beneficial aspects for travelers. Additionally, the airline is committed to making sure customers can easily handle their own flights. This includes different policies that help customers get easy and stress-free help with their problems.

Airlines are often at the forefront of correcting names. Passengers can quickly change their names on their tickets. In addition, the company prioritizes visitors by following TSA and other international guidelines.

Simple Name Changes and Corrections

If a passenger misspells their name on their airline ticket, they can correct it by following the name correction/change policies. If you have a small mistake or forgot to include something in your ticket name, you can still check out various protocols as a visitor. Here are some basic assumptions that can be made under the same policy without needing any legal paperwork:

  • Correcting the spelling of the first name.
  • Correcting the spelling of the last name.
  • Switching between a nickname and a full name.
  • Change a prefix (title)
  • Making changes to the first or middle name.
  • Correcting the order of the first and last names.

Critical Name Changes and Corrections

In addition to these, there are some important name changes or corrections that require legal documentation to move forward. People make mistakes when booking, including small errors like typos and bigger mistakes related to legal procedures. Your name can be changed after marriage or divorce. To request a name change, you need to submit a relevant document to United. Take a look at these legal documents that provide support:

  • Divorce Agreement
  • Marriage certificate
  • Other government-issued documents

Alternate Name By Affidavit Option

United offers an option for visitors to use an Alternate Name Affidavit. If you don’t have the legal documents mentioned, you can use a name affidavit instead.

Additionally, the name affidavit shows your new name and includes a copy of your government-issued ID. You have another way to correct your name on an airline ticket. This way is legitimate. When a company works hard to prioritize the well-being and comfort of its customers, it creates a better experience for them.

About United Airlines Check-In Policy

You need to check in to enter the airline. If you are not aware of the check-in policy, you must face issues during check-in. This issue will be big or small, so you must be aware of this important policy. We recommend you check out United Airlines Check-in Policy for a smooth check-in.

How to Request a Name Change with United Airlines?

There are two options that United offers to travelers who need to change their name. The USA company focuses on being flexible and convenient to help customers with their concerns in a caring way. They have many different options to meet customers’ needs.

Change Name Using Affidavit:

If you want to use a Name Affidavit to change your name, you need to print the Affidavit and send the notarized paper to the address below:

  • MileagePlus Service Center
  • P.O. Box 1394
  • Houston, TX 77251-1394

To change your name, you need to make the appropriate changes to your MileagePlus account description.

For a big change in your name, you will also need to find and send a copy of the supporting document.

Change Name Through Customer Care:

One of the most easy ways to change your name is to call a customer service line. In fact, many people who don’t like to look at websites or go to the airport ticket booth use this method. Also, this rule lets customers change their names from the comfort of their own homes. Users can fix the problem by calling the airline’s toll-free customer service number.

When you call the number above, a customer service agent will answer your call. They will ask for information about you in order to move the process along. You can give them the correct name and other information they need to make the necessary changes. When you’re done with the process, you’ll get a confirmation email at the email address you used to sign up.

United Name Correction and Change Fee

Of course, you may have to pay a certain service fee to ask for a name change. United may ask people who want to use the building to pay a certain amount as a service fee. You must be dying to know what fees Airlines have as part of their name-change policy. Well, people can talk to the customer service staff to find out everything they need to know about the policy’s fee structure.


What Should I Do if My Name is Misspelled on a United Airlines Ticket?

After booking, you can use United Airlines’ name correction policy to correct any errors in your name.

Can I Correct the Spelling of My First and Last Name on a United Airlines Ticket?

Yes, you can change your first and last name spelling.

Can I Correct the Spelling of My First and Last Name on a United Airlines Ticket?

If you need to change your name on United Airlines due to marriage or divorce, you will need to provide legal documents to them. You may need to provide documents like a divorce agreement, marriage certificate, or other papers issued by the government.

How Can I Request a Name Change With United Airlines?

You can request a name change with United Airlines in two ways. You can use an Affidavit to request mileage credit. To do this, you need to print the Affidavit, get it notarized, and send it to the MileagePlus Service Center. You can also call United Airlines’ customer care using their toll-free number to request a name change over the phone. When you talk to customer service, you can ask if there is a fee for changing your name.

Can I Travel With My Pet on a United Airlines Flight?

Yes, you can, But there are some rules and regulations about pet travel. So you must check out United Airlines pet policy before traveling with your pet.

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