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Air India Flight Change Policy: Do you need to modify the details of your trip with Air India? Here is a thorough guide for you. This is a thorough examination of Air India’s policy for changing tickets, which aims to help visitors achieve a more seamless experience. In addition, Air India passengers can call the toll-free number to get more information about the situation.

About Air India

Air India, originally known as Tata Airlines, was established in 1932. It is currently the biggest airline in India in terms of the number of customers served, destinations covered, and market share. In 2014, the Star Alliance had a prime member who provided a wide range of services to customers around the world. They had a strong network that served 102 destinations, both internationally and domestically. Additionally, the main headquarters of India’s flag carrier is located at the Airlines House in Delhi. The airline also conducts its operations from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

24-Hour Change Flight Policy

The 24-hour flight change policy of Air India allows you to alter or cancel your flight date, time, or destination without incurring a fee if:

  • If you want to book a flight within India, no matter what type of fare you choose, make sure to do it at least 7 days before your planned departure. 
  • If you want to make changes to your flight date, flight time, or flight destination, you can do so within 24 hours of booking your ticket.
  • In case you made any mistake in your flight ticket, like the name, you have the authority to make the necessary correction according to Air India’s Name Change Policy.
  • If you don’t make changes to your flight within 24 hours, you will have to pay a fee based on the applicable rates. 

Highlights of Air India Flight Change Policy

Unexpected relationships can happen suddenly. In the aviation industry, sometimes visitors have to change their travel plans even if they don’t want to. Changing a confirmed booking can be a difficult and unpleasant task for any reason. But we are all powerless against fate. Tragedies involving family members, bad weather, serious illnesses, and legal orders are examples of situations that cannot be avoided. You might need to change your flight if any of these things happen.

Don’t worry if you’re flying with Air India. The airline is happy to provide all-around services to its customers. It creates a policy that is easy for customers to understand and use when they need to change their reservation. Additionally, the airline puts in a lot of effort to enhance the travel experience for passengers by providing top-notch amenities and provisions. It allows people to change their flight in different situations. Here are some important points about the reservation change policy:

  • You can change your flight schedule according to Air India’s policy.
  • You can use the official website or call the airline’s customer service number to make a booking.
  • Additionally, the policy permits changing the passenger’s name by up to 3 characters.
  • To avoid paying a service fee, you can request changes to your flight, date, name, or seat within 24 hours of making your booking. As long as you buy the ticket at least 7 days before your departure, you will be eligible.
  • If you make changes to your Air India booking after the risk-free period, you may have to pay a penalty.
  • Customers can choose to make changes either online or offline, depending on their preferences.
  • The Air India ticket change policy applies to all types of fares, rules, and service classes.
  • The airline allows passengers to make only one change to their booking for both domestic and international flights.

Methods to Change Flight with Air India

Not sure how to change your Air India reservation? This part shows how different methods have different rules and guidelines. Let’s take a quick look.

Online Method

  • Go to airindia.in, which is the main website, to start using the digital service.
  • Now, you can go to the site and click on “Manage My Booking.”
  • It will show you where to put your last name and a number that is unique to your order.
  • Click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • On the next page, you can find out about bookings. To make changes, you can click on the “Modify My Tab” button.
  • After making important changes, you should carefully check the details for mistakes.
  • After that, you can pay the fee to complete the online process.
  • In the end, Air India will send a confirmation email with information about the new ticket.

Over the Phone,

You can also change flights by talking to leaders or experts. Simply put, you can call Air India’s toll-free number and talk to an expert.

Air India Change Fee and Cost

This is another essential element of the policy, as visitors are always curious about the service fees for flight changes. Typically, Air India does not charge a fee for ticket changes made within 24 hours of purchase. Otherwise, you will be required to pay between US$50 and US$120 to alter the date of your Air India international flight. You should verify the most recent fee amounts by dialing the number or visiting the website.


How can I change my Air India flight booking?

You can change your booking either online or over the phone.

What is Air India’s 24-hour flight change policy?

You can make changes within 24 hours of booking without incurring a fee.

Can I change the passenger’s name on my ticket?

Yes, you can change the name by up to 3 characters within 24 hours of booking.

Can I Check-In Online on Air India?

According to Air India Check-In Policy, You can check-in through website and mobile app.

Is there a fee for changing my Air India flight?

After 24 hours, a fee of $50-$120 may apply for changing the flight.

How many times can I change my booking?

You can make one change for both domestic and international flights.

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