Tailored Policies for Every Flight

The LATAM check-in service saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to arrive at the airport three to four hours before your flight’s scheduled departure.

Checking in for a flight can take a long time because there are often many people waiting in line. Checking in online saves time. Once you’ve checked in online, simply take your luggage to the baggage counter and then head to the security checkpoint.

This post will explain how to do the flight check-in and the different check-in options available for Latam Airlines.

Latam Airlines Check-In Time

You can check in for your Latam flight online or on the mobile app between 24 hours before and up to 60 minutes before your scheduled departure. You need to arrive at the airport up to 90 minutes before your international flight’s scheduled departure time.

To check in and check your bags, you need to arrive at the airport before your scheduled departure time.

      • Within Brazil: 60 minutes before departure.

      • To and from destinations outside Brazil – 90 minutes before departure. 

      • Airports with earlier check-in times:

    Airport Location Airport Code Check-in Before Scheduled Departure
    Barcelona, Spain BCN 75 minutes
    Buenos Aires, Argentina EZE 75 minutes
    Caracas, Venezuela CCS 90 minutes
    Casablanca, Morocco CMN 75 minutes
    Rio De Janeiro GIG 45 minutes
    Georgetown, Guyana GEO 90 minutes
    Madrid, Spain MAD 75 minutes
    Maracaibo, Venezuela MAR 90 minutes
    Miami, Florida MIA 75 minutes
    San Juan, Puerto Rico SJU 60 minutes
    St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands STX 90 minutes
    St. Kitts and Nevis SKB 90 minutes
    St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands STT 90 minutes
    Tampa, Florida TPA 90 minutes
    Lima, Peru TLV 75 minutes
    Bogota, Columbia BOG 60 minutes

    The airline that you are flying with decides when you can check in and when you will arrive at your destination, even if the flight is operated by another airline or a codeshare partner.

    When you’re flying from there, you’re not allowed to check your bags more than 4 hours before the departure.

        • Santiago, Chile

        • Buenos Aires, Argentina

        • La Paz, Bolivia

        • Cali, Columbia

        • San Jose, Costa Rica

        • Havana, Cuba

        • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

        • Guayaquil, Ecuador

        • Cancun, Mexico

        • Mexico City, Mexico

      Latam Airlines Boarding Pass

      To access your boarding pass, click on the link provided when you check-in using your mobile device or desktop website. To save your boarding pass on your mobile device, simply take a screenshot of it.

      You need to show your boarding pass at these places:

          • If you need to check in your luggage, please head to the baggage drop-off counter.

          • There are checkpoints for immigration and security.

          • To board the flight, scan the QR code on the gate reader using your E boarding pass at the boarding gate.

        If you haven’t received your boarding pass yet, you can find it in Manage My Trips. If you are unable to see it, you can obtain it on the day of your flight from a kiosk or an airport counter.

        Once you buy your tickets, you’ll get a boarding pass that changes as your trip information updates. The airline will take care of updating it for you.

        Before Flight: If you log in to My Trips, you can change your seats or add more baggage. The changes you make will automatically update and show on your boarding pass.

        For International Flights: The paperwork needed in the country you’re going to will depend on the route you’re taking.

        Latam Check In Online

        You can check in for your LATAM Airlines flight from home by logging onto their official website using your laptop.

        Latam Web Check-In:

        Web check-in allows you to start your Latam flight experience early. The airlines have made the journey more convenient with their web check-in option. This makes your experience better even before you board the flight. You can easily check-in from anywhere and then relax while boarding with Latam. Remember to keep in mind the check-in times for Latam.

            • For local trips, you can check in online between 48 hours and 60 minutes before the flight is set to leave.

            • Latam lets you check in online for foreign trips up to 96 hours before your flight and up to 120 minutes before your flight.

          Terms and Conditions for the Web Check-in:

              • At latamairlines.com, you can check in by clicking on the check-in tab on the home page.

              • Your flight pass will be sent to you via email.

              • You need to pay close attention to the directions on the flight pass.

              • Emergency exit spots can’t be reserved through web check-in. You must show a Latam check-in boarding pass to get through security and board the plane.

            The online Latam check-in is not available for the following passengers:

                • Unaccompanied Minor

                • People who want extra services or seats

                • Passengers who have trouble seeing or hearing.

                • The staff made the reservations.

                • Web-check-in is not available for reduced fares or tickets that are given away for free.

                • For foreign credit card reservations that need to be checked before flight.

                • Reservations for flights with more than 9 people on them.

              Important things to know about traveling in Brazil:

                  • When you check in online for Latam, you can’t change or cancel your seat ticket.

                  • If you have checked bags, you need to be at the Baggage Drop counter at least 60 minutes before your trip. At the same time, you have to show a picture ID.

                  • At least 20 minutes before a flight leaves, passengers must be at the boarding gate. If a person shows up after the boarding gate has closed, the no-show canceling will take effect.

                Important points for international travel:

                    • You cannot cancel your seat reservation using Latam’s online check-in.

                    • If you have luggage to check, please make sure to arrive at the Baggage Drop counter at least 2 hours before your flight. You need to present your photo ID simultaneously. 

                    • You should be at the boarding gate at least 60 minutes before your flight departs. If a passenger reports after the boarding gate is closed, they will be considered a no-show and their reservation will be canceled.

                  Latam Mobile Check In

                  Learn about Latin America on the go. The Latam Airlines check-in app lets you check in whenever you want.

                      • For domestic trips, mobile check-in is offered 48 hours before departure and ends 60 minutes before departure.

                      • For foreign trips, you can use your phone to check in between 48 and 120 minutes before the flight is set to leave.

                    Process to Complete Latam Airlines Flight Check-In

                    Check-in requests for Latam flights can be made on the airline’s website as well as through the app.

                    Latam Check In Online Process:

                    Want to know how to check in for a trip on latamairlines.com? Do these things:

                        • Click the check-in button for Latam Brasil. You will be taken to the Latam Airlines app where you can check in for your trip.

                        • Fill in all the information, like your name, PNR, flight number, and so on.

                        • Choose your seat and check in for the trip.

                        • The boarding pass for a flight on Latam Airlines will be shown on the screen. You can print it out right away or save it to your phone.

                      During Latam check-in, you can check in your bags, pick your seats, choose your meals, improve your trip, and do a lot more.

                      Latam Check In Mobile App Process:

                      If you use the Latam app to check in, you won’t have to wait in line with hundreds of other people. This keeps you from having to deal with airport crowds as much, so you can travel with peace of mind, knowing that you and your family are safe. It is a safe and easy way to get started on your trip.

                      It also saves you money because you don’t have to check in at the station because you checked in online with Latam. That’s a great deal and a great way to get your trip started. Follow these steps to finish checking in with the Latam Airlines app:

                          • Open the Latam mobile app.

                          • Press the check-in button located on the navigation bar below.

                          • Enter your booking reference and the name of the kas in the designated field.

                          • Choose your seats and complete any other necessary tasks such as checking your baggage and selecting your meals.

                          • The airline will create a boarding pass. When it’s time to get on the plane, make sure you have a copy of your ticket and show it to the airline staff.

                        We hope our post about Latam’s check-in policy was helpful. These rules are still in effect and will continue to be until we say otherwise. To learn about flight check-in and seat selection, you can use our guide linked above. It will help you understand any issues you may have or encounter in the future.

                        Name Change Policy

                        You will get distracted during check-in  if you have any issues with your flight ticket. No one wants to face this issue. Just check out the Latam name change policy if you don’t want to face this issue during check-in.

                        How Does the Latam Check-in Service Save Time?

                        You can save time by using the LATAM check-in service. You can check in online or through the mobile app instead of waiting in line at the airport. You don’t need to come to the airport three to four hours before your flight’s scheduled departure.

                        What Are the Check-in Options Available for Latam Airlines?

                        You can check in for your LATAM Airlines flight online or using your mobile device. To check in for your flight, you can either use the official website or the LATAM mobile app.

                        What Are the Check-in Time Requirements for Latam Flights?

                        The time you need to check-in for LATAM flights depends on where you’re going. To board a flight in Brazil, make sure to check in at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If you’re traveling outside of Brazil, you need to check in 90 minutes before your flight takes off. Some airports have earlier check-in times, and you can find them in the data provided.

                        How Can I Access My Latam Boarding Pass?

                        After you check in online, you can get your LATAM boarding pass by clicking on the link given to you during the check-in process. To save your boarding pass on your mobile device, take a screenshot of it. To travel, you must show your boarding pass at different places such as the baggage drop-off counter, immigration, security checkpoints, and the boarding gate.

                        Are There Any Restrictions or Limitations for Using the Latam Online Check-in Service?

                        The LATAM online check-in service has some rules you need to follow. Some passengers may not be able to check-in online. These include unaccompanied minors, passengers who need extra services or seats, passengers with visual or hearing impairments, reservations made by staff, reduced fare or free tickets, foreign credit card reservations that need pre-flight checks, and reservations for groups with more than 9 people.

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